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About Us

Sierra Funds

Sierra Funds are a family of funds that invest in several alternative strategies, including investing in distressed securities, bankruptcy and trade claims, bank debt, high yield bonds, mortgage and asset backed securities and value-added real estate opportunities.

Sierra Liquidity Fund, LLC

Sierra Liquidity Fund, LLC was founded in 2001 and invests in Corporate Debt, Bonds & Trade Claims of Distressed Companies and Companies in Chapter 11 Reorganization. Our analysis emphasizes going- forward enterprise value and the rank in the capital structure of the distressed securities. As an original member of the Trade Claim Buyers Association (TCBA), one of the main functions of Sierra Liquidity Fund, LLC is to provide liquidity to creditors of bankrupt companies. We purchase trade receivables, promissory notes, mechanics liens, lease and executory contract claims, loans and other types of debt from suppliers, lenders, landlords, and other creditors. Sierra Liquidity Fund, LLC and its affiliated funds have purchased illiquid assets as principals from over 20,000 firms and individuals. This has made our firm a reliable and experienced source for impaired asset liquidity.

Riley Bower, Inc.

Managing Director of RBI Properties Riley Bower, Inc. was formed in 1982 and is the predecessor company to the Sierra Funds. Since 1982 Riley Bower, Inc. has developed and operated over $200,000,000 of apartments, homes and land entitlements. Riley Bower Inc., is a multi-discipline developer engaged in the development, construction, financing, and management of apartment and single family homes. Our broad range of skills has allowed us to survive and prosper in an ever-changing real estate industry. Starting in 1982 we developed in-fill high density condominiums in Southern California. Shortly thereafter we branched out into apartment development, building 2200 units mostly funded with joint venture capital and revenue bond financing. The apartments are located in Northern and Southern California. RBI continues to own and manage properties valued over $40,000,000 in the Bay area.

Sierra Property Funds

These funds are typically single asset funds that invest in real estate, primarily industrial and multi-family property in Southern California and Phoenix.

Sierra Limited Partnership Funds

These funds invested via tender offers in publicly registered limited partnerships that were issued during the 1980's by many of the largest brokerage firms in the country including, Merrill Lynch and Paine Webber.